Bromo Malang Tour Package Eid Al-Fitr 2020

Are you exploring the Bromo Tour Package Eid 2020 at a cheap but satisfying price? Previously, we were a big family from as a professional travel agent in East Java, the best professional and recommended to all of you, congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr 2020. It has become an annual tradition if holiday holidays or holiday homecoming traditions are an unforgettable part of Indonesian society. Besides gathering this moment is the right time for a vacation with family and relatives in the village yard. So that preparations for the holidays and Eid al-Fitr must be carefully prepared because all tourism objects will be densely visited by domestic tourists.

As an agent and a tour agent that has been spoiled in handling holidays during peak season like Malang Vacation Batu Bromo Eid Eid Al-Fitr 2020. We are a specialist travel agent of a cheap Bromo Malang tour package presenting to you the many kinds of combination of traveling packages to Surabaya, Holidays to Mount Bromo, Banyuwangi Tour and of course also a trip to Malang Batu in the Eid holiday or Eid holiday 2020. Various interesting holiday package combinations in East Java can be chosen. Of course for destinations and tourist objects can be adjusted to the wishes of you and your family.

Bromo Malang Tour Package Eid Al-Fitr 2020

In the Bromo Malang Tour Package event, the memorable Eid Al-Fitr 2020 holiday we have a unique vacation program for family or family tour. You can also take advantage of team holidays or group holidays with your friends. The choice of tour also has a flexible nature about the tourist destination that you want to visit. The price can also be adjusted to the ease that you want. Some holiday options in East Java are special for holiday events or during the fasting month or Ramadan.

Bromo Malang Tour Package Schedule for Idul Fitri Eid 2020 (For duration of 3 days 2 nights)

  • Day One: Pick-up – Malang City Tour

For this first day trip, we chose the most unique tourism objects in Malang, namely Air Coban Rondo, Omah Kayu Paralayang and Museum Angkut as a Lebaran holiday destination. After pick-up from the airport, station or location of your stay, we will take you directly for the Batu Malang City Tour to the three tourist locations above. After satisfied exploring the tour, check in the inn and rest. The type of accommodation can be adjusted according to your wishes.

  • Day Two: Apple Picking Garden – Jatimpark 2 – Hotwl at Mount Bromo

For this second day, after breakfast at the hotel we take a holiday in Malang to go to East Java park 2. And in the evening directly lead to the lodging near Mount Bromo that we have prepared for you. Travel from Malang Batu to Mount Bromo for 4 hours drive. Arrive at Bromo Tengger National Park area semeru check in hotel and rest.

  • Day Three: Mount Bromo Tour and Return

Today you will be awakened in preparation for the Bromo Sunrise tour. With our bromo jeep you will explor and travel to tourist attractions during Mount Bromo including Penanjakan 1 to watch the sunrise, the Bromo crater, the potent sublime temple, the whispered patient, the teletabis hill and the savannah. After thoroughly exploring tourist destinations during Mount Bromo, return to the hotel, eat and rest. Then we deliver back according to plane or train tickets to return to your city. Then complete the Bromo Malang Tour Package Eid Idul Fitri 2020.

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When you vacation what to do in Lombok? Lombok Rafting or rafting is a tour package that stimulates your adrenaline with a very high level of challenge, some of the reviews that we really appreciate are guests who feel very proud and enthusiastic in following the flow of water that is full of tough challenges.

Lombok Rafting or rafting tour has its base camp in the village of Batu Mekar, Lingsar, West Lombok, along with the location of the Karang Bayan durian sales center.

This base camp is located at the finish location of the rafting route that is traversed so you need time to get to the rafting start that is located upstream of the river, the river itself is named the Jangkok River which empties into Ampenan Beach.

Pick up with an open tub or jeep is done as a means of transportation to the upstream rafting start where the track is quite tense, the winding track will provide its own tension when driving off-road, we pass through the plantations with durian and rambutan harvests that are well-known selombok.

All gather at the entrance post of the Lombok rafting tour, here is the place where we will do registration and administration to start the tense tour, you will be welcomed with hot coffee or hot tea as body warmers from the cold weather of Lingsar Village, we will spend a moment as a sign of introduction and a briefing.

This place is a vehicle for communication and approach with the guests, sometimes jokes and jokes will accompany you here, after that we will step our feet to the starting location by using open pickup vehicles with challenging terrain, prepare yourself to shout as loud as possible.

  • Challenge 1 is a challenge that you will find when you have 1/3 of the trip, this one challenge takes you and the inflatable boat to dive as deep as 180 degrees, hold on tight and shout as loud as possible to add to the spooky atmosphere.
  • Challenge 2 is a welcome challange that makes you shock for a moment, this is because this challenge comes as a start that gives you a tense sensation. prepare yourself with initial challenges because the sensation will be different from other challenges.
  • Challenge 3 is the most frightening challenge, the steep downhill path of 100 meters is the sound of heavy water rushing down, prepare your paddle so that the rubber boat runs well in accordance with the specified direction, the direction according to the river’s path, pedaling as fast as possible and also as strong as possible.

Jeep is an off-road vehicle that will take you to Hulu Start with quite tense terrain but presents a dense orchard view.

And there are so many challenges that you can find but there is one of the most stressful challenges that you still don’t dare to open with a high level of risk, if you are an expert you can try it.

Tracks that are passed there are various names of Welcome Rafting which is an initial challenge that makes you get an opening greeting that will make you scream loudly tense.